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FerretsHealth & Hygiene

Ferret Health & Hygiene

A healthy balanced diet and hygienic conditions will help keep your ferret in good health. A healthy, happy Ferret will:

  • Be bright and alert
  • Have a glossy coat with no bald patches
  • Be able to move around the cage easily
  • Have a clean nose and mouth, as well bright eyes


Your ferret should be vaccinated against Distemper. Regular boosters will be required to help ensure your pet does not come into contact with this disease.

Worming + Flea Control

Your ferret should be wormed regularly with a proprietary worming preparation. Regular flea treatment will be needed to prevent fleas and other skin parasites.

Neutering or Spaying

There are a number of different reasons to neuter [males] or spay [females] your ferret. Both are surgical procedures which will prevent your ferret from reproducing. It is advisable to get your ferret neutered. A female ferret can become ill and die if allowed to repeatedly to come into season with being mated. The male ferret can be neutered once they get to four months.

Benefits of Neutering and Spaying

  • Spaying female ferrets does prevent illnesses, and possibly death, caused by excessive heat.
  • Neutering male ferrets does prevent the so called unwanted ferret smell
  • Neutering cuts out the nipping and biting
Petmania Ferret Pup


Regular grooming will help keep your Ferret healthy, but it will also allow for a bond to be created between the owner and the pet. Your ferret should be groomed at least once a week with a soft brush or a grooming glove.

Ferrets also need baths because they have an odor caused by their scent glands. It is recommended that you bathe your ferret once a month using a deodorizing shampoo, but keep it away from your Ferrets eyes and genitals.

Cage & Litter box

Your Ferret's cage should be cleaned out at least once a week using a pet safe disinfectant. Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box in a couple of weeks. Ferrets are naturally attracted to smell, so place a few fresh droppings into the ferrets litter box to start off along with some cat litter. When the ferret wakes and after he eats you will need to put him into the litter box. 

The litter box should be available at all times for the ferret and in a specific corner, and should be cleaned daily.


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