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MiceHealth & Hygiene

Mouse Health & Hygiene

Keep your Mouse in good health by providing a balanced diet, lots of exercise and a clean living space.

A healthy mouse will:

  • Have a smooth clean coat with pink clean skin on the ears and tail
  • Have discharge free eyes
  • Breathe relatively fast. It should not be laboured or noisy
Petmania Mouse

Scabs & Sores

These appear on the back or head area of mice and are due to either a parasite infection or a food intolerance.

Mites are a common parasite that infects mice, they are very difficult to see with the naked eye. If you suspect your mouse may have mites bring them to your vet and make sure their home is cleaned thoroughly for when they return.

Coughing or Sneezing

Respiratory illness manifests itself in mice with what sounds like a tiny sneeze or cough. While this may look and sound quite cute, it can indicate a serious problem if it occurs regularly. Remove them from their habitat and if the coughing/sneezing continues take your pet mouse to a local vet.  


This is also very common in mice, this stems from feeding your mouse too many green vegetables. Simply eliminate these vegetables from your mouse’s diet.


Like most rodents, a healthy mouse needs very little grooming because they continually clean themselves by licking and combing their fur. They are happier living in groups, and it is part of their social order that they also groom each other.

Can mice be neutered?

Yes they can, however any operation poses a threat to the mouse. We advise you speak to your vet and give it careful consideration.  

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