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Dog GroomingFeeling Great Treatments
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*Available between grooming sessions
+Available as an addition to wash & dry and grooming sessions only.

Feeling Great Treatments


Happy Hounds Ear Clean - €15*

We will gently remove any excess hair from around the ear area followed by an intensive cleansing of the inner and outer ear canals to help prevent against infection, before treating with an effective ear powder to deter and kill ear mites.


Preventative Flea and Tick Spot-on - €10+*

All dogs need regular preventative treatment to protect them against flea and tick infestations. We can administer spot-on treatment to your dog at our grooming studios. Our spot-on treatments offer protection for four weeks.


Preventative Flea Bath - €5+

Perfect for the out-doorsy type, a preventative flea bath will help to keep your dog flea free and happy.


Expression of Anal Glands - €10+

Blocked anal glands can cause severe discomfort and may lead to infection or abscesses developing. Our groomer can express your dog's glands, and advise you on how to help manage the problem for your dog. 


Intensive Hygiene Clean - €15*

Gentle removal of excess hair around your dog's sensitive lower body and tail aria followed by a deep cleansing wash and expression of the anal glands.


Flea & Tick Removal - €30 per hour +

If you find your dog suffering for a flea or tick infestation we can help you to get it under control and remove the infestation. This treatment is priced in addition to the cost of your dog's standard groom.

About Fleas     About Ticks


Preventative Worming Treatment - €10*+

Worm infestations are extremely common in dogs and can cause great discomfort and illness for your dog. Regular preventative treatment is required to keep your dog free of infestation. Our worming treatment will protect your dog for 3 months. 

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