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What are Fleas?

Fleas are wingless insects with mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. External parasites, fleas jump from host to host and are common to many animals including dogs and cats. Fleas will also live in fabric and animal bedding and will feed from humans as well as animals.

95% of a flea's life cycle takes place, not on your pet, but in its living quarters. This means that beds, kennels, blankets etc will all need to be treated as well as your dog's coat, in order to prevent reoccurance.

At Petmania Grooming Studios we can help you to keep you dog free from fleas with some simple prevenative treatments, while we are also equipped to treat dogs suffering from flea infestations.

Prevenative Flea Treatments

During your dog's visit to Petmania Grooming Studio we can provide the following preventative treatments:

  • Preventative Flea Shampoo, €5.00
  • Preventative Flea & Tick Spot-on, €5.00 application fee plus the spot on treatment

Early Stage De-Fleaing Treatment

Designed for dogs that have shown signs of early infestation (sight of flea droppings or a small flea population), our early stage flea treatment will help to prevent a full infestation occuring.

Treatment is only €15.00 and will take place in addition to your dog's wash and dry or full groom, and will include:

  • Flea bath in medicated flea killing shampoo

  • Removal of all fleas and larvae from your dog's coat

  • Application of a spot-on flea repellant to prevent re-infestation

  • 10% Off home and furnishing de-fleaing treatments

Yorkshire Terrier

Intensive De-Fleaing Treatment

Specifically for instances of extreme flea infestation, we will ensure that all your dog's fleas and larvae are fully removed from your dog's coat. This treatment can take a number of hours, in addition to a normal groom or wash & dry, to ensure complete removal of the flea infestation.

Treatment will be charged at €30 per hour and will include:

  • Flea bath in a medicatd flea killing shampoo (multiple baths may be required)
  • Removal of all fleas and larvae from your dog's coat
  • Application of a spot-on flea repellant to prevent re-infestation
  • 10% Off home and furnishing de-fleaing treatments

Don't Wait! If you think your dog is suffering from fleas, make an appointment with our grooming studio to start treatment immediately. 

Click here to contact your local Petmania Grooming Studio.

**Where you are aware prior to booking your dog in with us that fleas are present, we request that you make this known to us in advance. This will allow us to ensure that your dog is th only dog in our grooming studio, thereby removing the risk of cross infection.

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