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What are Ticks?

Ticks are small parasites that suck the blood of your dog and can transmit serious diseases which may be contractible by humans as well as other animals. A tick can be picked up by a dog running though tall grass or under trees, and it attaches itself to a host by burying its head into the skin.

At Petmania Grooming Studios we can help you keep you dog free from ticks with some simple preventative treatments, while we are also equped to treat dogs sufferening fomr a tick infestation.

Preventative Tick Treatments

Application of Preventative Flea & Tick Spot-on - €5.00 plus the spot-on tabs.


Intensive Tick Treatment

Specifically for instances of extreme tick infestation, we will ensure that all your dog's ticks are removed from its skin. This treatment can take a number of hours, in addition to a normal groom or wash & dry, to ensure complete removal of the infestation. Treatment is charged at €30 per hour and will include:

  • Removal of all ticks
  • Wash with a medicated shampoo
  • Applicaiton of a spot-on tick repellant
  • Antiseptic treatment of affected areas of the skin
  • 10% Off antiseptic ointment for at-home care

Early Stage Tick Treatment

Designed for dogs that have shown signs of an early infestation of ticks, our early stage treatment will help prevent a full infestation from occuring.

Treatment is just €15.00 and will take place in addition to your dog's wash and dry or full groom and will include:

  • Removal of all ticks

  • Antiseptic treatment of affected areas of skin

  • Application of a spot-on tick repellant to prevent re-infestation

  • 10% Off antiseptic product for at home care

Don't Wait! If you think your dog is suffering from ticks, make an appointment with our grooming studio to start treatment immediately. 

Click here to contact your local Petmania Grooming Studio.

  • In some instances, we may recommend veterinary treatment for your dogs ticks.
  • Where you are aware prior to beoking that your dog requires treatment for ticks, we request that you make this known to us in advance. This will allow us to ensure your dog s the only dog in our grooming studio, thereby removing the risk fo cross infection.
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