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Grooming Your Horse or Pony

Grooming your horse or pony regularly will not only keep its coat healthy and shiny, but will also help to build the bond between you.

Horses generally enjoy being groomed but you should always be aware of your own safety, and that of your horse, when grooming and ensure that it is safely tied using a quick release knot before your start, and that it knows where you are at all times. When you are walking around the back of your horse, always keep your hand on its back so it knows you are there.


Equipment Needed to Groom Your Horse

There are a number of different brushes and combs that you will need to properly groom your horse or pony.

Hoof Pick: Use a hoof pick to remove any grit or foreign objects from your horse's hooves. It is recommended that you pick your horse's hooves before and after your ride in order to prevent injury; it is also widely recommended that you check your horses hooves at the beginning of any groom in order to identify any potential problems. If you notice any signs of discomfort or feel that your horse's hoof is injured, call you vet immediately and refrain from riding until treated.

Curry Comb: A rubber curry comb is used to remove loose hair from your horse as well as to loosen any dirt or mud which may have attached to your horse's coat. It is recommend that you use a rubber curry comb before brushing your horse's coat.

Dandy Brush: A dandy or hard brush should be used to remove any loose hairs or dirt that became loose when using the curry comb. A dandy brush should not be used on the the face, ears, belly, mane, tail, or any areas which have been clipped as it may cause discomfort to your horse and cause him to become startled.

Soft Brush: The soft brush can be used on all areas of your horse's body to remove any finer dust particles from it coat and to bring up the shine in its coat. Care should be taken around the face when using a soft brush.

Mane Comb: Use a wide toothed comb to brush out your horse's tail and mane. Using a detangling conditioner can make combing the mane and tail easier as well as helping to make the hair shine.

At Petmania we stock a full range of grooming brushes and conditioners.

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