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Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition and Diet for Your Horse or Pony

Choosing the right food for your horse or pony is essential to ensuring its on-going health and wellbeing. There are a couple of key things that are important when feeding your horse or pony and they should be considered at all times when choosing your food:

  • The age of your horse or pony

  • The kind of activities that your horse part-takes will affect the nutrient requirements in their diet

Girl with pet horse
  • If your horse or pony is in foal or lactating their diet will need to be adjusted

  • Any sudden changes in exercise levels, due to injury etc, may require an adjustment to your horse's diet, so do consult with your vet.

At Petmania we carry the Gain range of horse feed, the perfect choice for your pet horse or pony's diet, as well as a range of vitamin and mineral supplements and licks.

Top Tips for Your Horse's Diet

  • Your horse or pony should have on-going access to clean, fresh water.

  • Your horse or pony will need to graze in a paddock or field as much as possible, in order to prevent the development of stomach ulcers and other possible illness of the gut, but additional feed will also be needed to provide a balanced diet.

  • If your horse or pony lives in stable, it should be given plenty of hay / forage food in addition to commercial food.

  • Horses should be fed only good quality, mould and dust-free forage.

  • If your horse or pony’s lifestyle changes, such as it doing more or less work, gets older or is in foal, it’s diet will need to be adjusted to cater for new nutritional requirements.

  • If you are changing your horse’s diet, it is recommended that you do so gradually over a couple of weeks to prevent any illness occurring.

  • Limit access to fermentable foods like apples as it may cause fatal illness to your pet

  • If you horse becomes overweight, it can cause serious health problems, so if you have any concerns about your horse’s weight, it is recommended that you speak with your vet immediately.

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