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Puppy of The Year2015 Winner

All About Samson,

by his human mum, Rachael McArdle

Samson and his siblings, Alvin and Suzi were surrendered/dumped into Offaly pound on 16th January. The pound warden contacted Cara Rescue Dogs in Portlaoise to see if they could help as these pups were only 6 weeks and may not survive in the pound due to them being so young. Cara Rescue Dogs volunteers drove to the pound and took all 3 pups. They were immediately put into foster homes.

Samson was separated from his siblings and put into foster home alone, whilst his siblings went into a foster home together. This is where Samson got his name as he had been taken away from his mother and siblings far too young and had to be a strong boy. 

His foster mum Georgina is a friend of mine and her dog had passed away on the 29th Jan so I offered to take Samson for the weekend to give her a break to grieve. I brought him home to Carlow, fell head over heels in love and he never left. I signed the adoption papers on 2nd February, paid the adoption fee and became his forever mum. One of the best days of my life!

He lives with me, my 15 year old human son Ben, my partner Dave, two cats (Esther and Angus).

Esther hates him, but then Esther hates everyone. She is the grumpiest cat in Carlow lol. Samson adores Angus and they play together regularly along with sleeping together, grooming each other and having snuggles.

Samson also lives with my border collie Lacey and with our chocolate Labrador Coco. Lacey was a Cara Rescue Dog too and I adopted her in May 2014. She instantly adored Samson and they spend all day, everyday playing and sleeping together. Samson is often mistaken for Lacey's pup as they have similar colouring. Coco is the sensible one of the operation, puts Samson in his place a lot and always gives him the ball, even when he caught it himself.

We have my partner's son Adam occasionally stay and they love each other too.

Samson is a very special boy, not only because he is extremely beautiful and unusual looking, but because he is kind, gentle, loving, ridiculously obedient and friendly. He gets on with everybody. Always has a beautiful smile and a tail wag which looks like his tail is spinning in a circle and going to fall off his body. It takes us an age to get anywhere out for our walkies as Samson, our Bord Failte boy, is constantly meeting and greeting people outside and because of his unusual look, he is a conversation starter with strangers on our walks on a daily basis.

Samson loves his sleep (probably a little too much) and will happily sleep in between walks, play and eating. He loves his treats, knows the word 'treat' and will sit on command. He also adores his toys, especially squeaky ones. Samson has the ability to switch off when you pick him up for cuddles and will snuggle in for some love and a nap, he adores kissing my face too,  but also has an on switch where when you put him back down the tail will start flying round in circles, he will smile his face off and the fun begins again.

Samson has completed our family and I couldn't imagine my life with out my perfect rescue boy. 

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