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RealDogs CompetitionRealDogs The Buddy Finalists

Petmania's #RealDogs The BUDDY Finalists

Dog's Name: Billy
Owner' Name: Lisa Clarke
Votes: 79

Billy is a brindle 2 and a half year old whippet that I rescued from the animal shelter I volunteer in.He was taken in half the size he was ,with mange and very timid.The day I went up to volunteer and he was there, I approached him to get to work handling and reintroducing him to people and from that day he followed me everywhere I went up there.I decided to Foster him and as soon as I took him home and his amazing personality came through I kept him.For a skinny whippet he will eat anything like the whole chicken I cooked off the counter when I went to the shop.He loves to cuddle in beside you even when there is no room on the couch,very well behaved smart,he knows when I'm sad and always puts his head in my lap,he loves to come round everywhere in the car with me and will rest his head on my shoulder when we go driving,he loves to chase the birds and play with his favorite toy a Sully teddy off monstors inc.Anyone that meets him loves him and I know you will too.


Dog's Name: Sasha
Owner' Name: Melissa O'Hanlon
Votes: 50

She is a big gentle giant.  Great with kids and other animals


Dog's Name: Fifi
Owner' Name: Chloe Farrell
Votes: 40

Fifi is my 5 month old Chihuahua and she's my best buddy. She loves cuddles and attention. She is a crazy little lady and runs and jumps like a little horse. She's an absolute diva too, she knows what she likes and won't settle for anything less. I love my little fifi as her personality is so unique and so lovable. And who couldn't love her little face, her soft fur and her tiny little paws. We can't go for a walkies without people stopping and talking to her. She's like a local celeb around her.


Dog's Name: Oscar
Owner' Name: Aidan Timmons
Votes: 36

Oscar is seven and a half, he's a short haired St Bernard weighing in at 13 and a half stone. He's a gentle giant eager for attention and belly rubs. He recently lost Roxy his best friend and his owner is on the search for another rescue St Bernard.


Dog's Name: Nolan & Patches
Owner' Name: Annemarie Nolan
Votes: 33 *joint place ranking

Nolan & patches were recently adopted from Dogs trust. Two forever buddies that couldn't be separated so i had to adopt both. Even though Nolan's the boss size wise patches rules the roost. They really are two peas in a pod.


Dog's Name: Joey
Owner' Name: Amy Fitzpatrick
Votes: 33 *joint place ranking

I think my dog Joey would be the perfect #realdogs ambassador because he is such a sweet playful boy. He is like my shadow follows me everywhere he snuggles on my lad as we watch TV together we go exploring together. He is very special to me I rescued him when he was a few weeks old and 2 months later he was diagnosed with right sided heart failure after getting ultrasound he was giving 2 years to live but he is now 3 and half years old  and stronger than ever. He loves walking and going for a swim. His favourite toys are the soft squeaky toys. He is very gentle with my little nieces and nephews and just loves to play.


Dog's Name: Seamie
Owner' Name: Denise Hoban
Votes: 33 *joint place ranking

Little Seamie, loves to give hugs , i adopted his mammy poppy in 2011 she was pregnant with him, his nickname is Baba, he's sweet, loving, gentle, loves to chase balls and carries one around in his mouth on walks

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