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RealDogs CompetitionRealDogs The Chaser Finalists

Petmania's #RealDogs The Chaser Finalists

Dog's Name: Bailey
Owner' Name: Alexandra Di Ruscio
Votes: 50

Bailey is a lively 10 month old jack Russell chihuahua mix. He deserves to be chosen as a real dog ambassador as he never fails to brighten up anyones day! There are no bad days when you come home to bailey. He also takes awesome selfies!


Dog's Name: Snipe
Owner' Name: Lorraine McCarthy
Votes: 46

My dog Snipe is the most gentle dog. She's an English Setter 7 years old and a real family pet. We love her to bits. She loves prancing and running but she's as good as gold and the love of our lives.


Dog's Name: Uno
Owner' Name: Mayra Fitzpatrick
Votes: 44

He is the smartest dog ever you just have to teach him what you want him to do and he will catch it straight away! He is super friendly, likes chasing at things that move, he is a chewer and do everything for treats. Also he is a sweet and super handsome 7 months puppy


Dog's Name: Rosie
Owner' Name: Lauren Moore
Votes: 36

Rosie is a unique type of dog, she is 3/4 Labrador 1/4 Irish Red Setter, which is where she gets her high speed running from, you can throw anything from a rock to a squeaky toy and she will sprint after them. Her favourite toy is her Chuckit ball and favourite game is catching her ball after I hit it with a Hurley. She is a stunning dog and such a great pet!


Dog's Name: Scrappy Hearns
Owner' Name: Catherine Hearnes
Votes: 29

Scrappy is the most adorable, loveable dog ever! He loves his balls and his whole day is spent chasing, hiding, chewing his kong tennis ball. He especially loves the squeaky ones. There's a bit of all #real dogs in him but he is most definatly ' the chaser'.


Dog's Name: Layla
Owner' Name: Jemma O'Gorman
Votes: 9

Layla is an 8 month old minature yorkshire terrier. She is the boss of the house and acts much bigger than she actually is. She loves nothing more than chasing her brother the poodle named Ruben. He is much faster than Layla but she never gives up. Their favourite place to go running is at the beach

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