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RealDogs CompetitionRealDogs The Explorer Finalists

Petmania's #RealDogs The Explorer Finalists

Dog's Name: Mr Bailey
Owner' Name: Maggie Doran
Votes: 165

The reason why I think Mr bailey would make a great ambassador for  beta dog food is because he is a little model and one of the most inquisive little fellas .. he has won Ireland top dog in 2017 for Irish  independent and won the NOSE of Tralee this year out of over 1000 dogs Mr bailey has his own you tube channel  under magibailey and Instagram<br />
Acc as  mr bailey .. this little guy has a partime job in his local Garda station ???????????? and hoping to get a promotion as seargent sniffer????????????


Dog's Name: Ruby
Owner' Name: Yvonne Fletcher
Votes: 92

Ruby loves nothing more that being out on her walks and meeting people and oh especially cows


Dog's Name: Blue
Owner' Name: Carmel Adams
Votes: 57

Blue is our beautiful 2 year old Siberian Husky, full of fun, energy &amp; playfulness.  She loves her daily walks and adventures in the local forest - running, sniffing and generally being inquisitive and checking out all the different scents from the wildlife residing there.  Blue is a very picky eater and is quite selective in her food choices, she gets bored easily so we need to keep varying her diet to keep her motivated to eat but thankfully she gets spoiled for choice with all the brands stocked at Petmania.  Blue is a very sociable dog and enjoys her outings to Dog Training Club and local Dog Shows - the picture I have uploaded shows her basking in glory after enjoying her winning ways.


Dog's Name: Diva
Owner' Name: Sonya Clarke
Votes: 33

Loveable , loyal , needy, hungry always, best friend &amp; baby of the House


Dog's Name: Kudo
Owner's Name: Luize Smite
Votes: 27

Kudo was rescued after almost 8 months of living in a shelter. And despite his rough start in life, he is the happiest and most loving dog ever and I think he would make a great #RealDogs Ambassador! He is well and truly an explorer, every walk and outing is a new adventure for him. Some of his favourite adventures include kayaking on our local rivers and lakes, camping with us under the stars, hiking mountains and swimming in any body of water he can find, no matter how muddy it is! And after a weekend of adventuring, he'll happily curl up on the couch with his favourite toy and sleep until the following weekend!


Dog's Name: Mylo
Owner's Name: Jemma O'Gorman
Votes: 21* Joint Ranking

Mylo is the cutest little doggo! He has his own little personality and will brighten up anyone's day. He loves his photo being taken, and the attention! But most of all he


Dog's Name: Rusty
Owner's Name: Orlaith Kervick
Votes: 21* Joint Ranking

Meet Rusty, a seven year old tri-colour Jack Russell. A natural born adventurer, you can find him traversing and hiking the forests, mountains and beaches of the sunny South East. He's a regular explorer of the road less travelled. He loves nothing more than sniffing out new, weird and wonderful places to explore.<br />
Despite his small size, he is a massive bundle of energy and love. He's a cheeky chap, with a gleam in his eye, always walking with a skip and a wag of his tail.

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