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RealDogs CompetitionRealDogs The Jester Finalists

Petmania's #RealDogs The Jester Finalists

Dog's Name: Buttons Nolan
Owner' Name: Dawn Nolan
Votes: 115

Buttons loves to play. Every time I come in from work he meets me at the door. Then I have to follow him to the back door where he starts to scratch at it yo go out and play with his frisby and his soccer ball. Usually he has grabbed 1 of his small teddies to bring out as well. There has being loads if times I've being asleep he would come into my room and literally drop the frisbee on my head to wake me up and play. I love to play hide and seek with him in the house. He has all of us in stitches when we play. He really is the best dog ever and definitely is a Jester


Dog's Name: Clyde
Owner' Name: Helena Darcy
Votes: 69

Clyde was advertised free to good home, so I took him in to rehome him, but he stayed! He's a clever dog, he acts the fool but can open any door., he adores carrots and is always to be found in my bed even if he's just come from the field covered in mud. He jumps into any open box and even into the washing machine! He drives me insane but he's so loving and I'd hate to be without him.


Dog's Name: Archer
Owner' Name: Lesley Scott
Votes: 17

This is Archer, my 9 month old chihuahua
Hes an aspiring model and adventurer, bringing smiles, laughter and happiness to everyone he sees and meets. He's starting off small on instagram @archerthechihuahua and he'd love to make more friends! He may be only little but he wants to take on the big world!
Not only this...
I think he deserves to be a #realdog ambassador because even at such a young age he has shown me how amazing he is. He has taken the role as my emotional support and best friend, and has gotten me through my depression, anxiety and several traumas despite being so young. If I could give him the world I would because he deserves it.


Dog's Name: Lucy
Owner' Name: Louise Fleming
Votes: 18

My dog Lucy should be a real dog ambassador because she is full of mischief and always up to no good.  She is like a toddler and is our baby.  She will be 2 years old on hallowe'en day.  I also own her mother.  Her mother had 5 babies all girls and Lucy was the one we choose to keep.  We all love her so much and is live our child.  She is so beautiful and funny.  She makes us all laugh everyday and Is so different everyday.  She will let us rock her in our arms like a baby and falls asleep in our arms.  While we're eating at our dinner table she sits up with us on the table.


Dog's Name: Belle
Owner's Name: Gemma O'Neill
Votes: 3

This Belle. She is 3 months old. She's the best pup ever. She loves to play ball and tug of war and barks at the brush! ???? She's a funny little character!! She loves to dig in the muck too ????. 
She's a brilliant.


Dog's Name: Charlotte
Owner's Name: Maura Harold
Votes: 2

My dog is so gentle and sweet. She loves to be around people and food. She is 3 years old and is spoilt rotten. This cutie hit it lucky when she made it to this house. Pure fur baby

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