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RealDogs CompetitionRealDogs The Thrillseeker Finalists

Petmania's #RealDogs The Thrillseeker Finalists

Dog's Name: Lady
Owner' Name: Louise Jones
Votes: 53

Lady is a working dryland sled dog who was born to run! We got her at 6 months of age for sled dog racing & she has shown an amazing talent for it. She's only 2, but already she's won an All Ireland Championship in racing. She's a pet first and foremost, but absolutely loves nothing more than getting her working harness on and hitting the trails with me on the bike/scooter. The more technical the trail, the more she loves it! She's definitely a thrill seeker!!


Dog's Name: Tori
Owner' Name: Sally Moffatt
Votes: 22

Tori is a Portuguese Pointer, the only one in Ireland. She is a crazy dog that never stops when she's out, into everything and clever enough to work out how to get what she want - even if its something she shouldn't! Then when we come home- usually after a bath - she is the most loving dog who wants nothing more than to sit on your knee for a cuddle or curl up in front of the fire. Life is never dull when Tori is around.


Dog's Name: Brindie
Owner' Name: Laura Davis
Votes: 15

Brindie would do anything I ask of her and is a beautiful dog who would love to represent the restricted breeds! We searched for 18 months to find a food to suit her sensitive tummy with Purina beta salmon for sensitive dogs being the only one that has ever worked for her! She needs to be on top form for her agility classes and hikes in the woods so We'd be lost without it! ????


Dog's Name: Rodger
Owner' Name: Jacqueline Kennedy
Votes: 12

Rodger is a rescue dog. We got him when he was 2 years old. He had been badly treated and was a very nervous fella. He is 5 now and is now a very happy and confident fella


Dog's Name: Marley
Owner's Name: Ciara Carew
Votes: 5

Our 3 yr old Marley is a sprocker, (half cocker, half springer), or a 'sprotter' as my son (his human brother) calls him because he loves swimming so much. Marley is an adventurer, he loves running along the beach, as well as exploring fields and woods.  He just loves the great outdoors in general.  His re-action to the snow last year was incredible, he loved rolling around in it and going on his snowy walks. Whether scaling the sandhills in Tramore, or battling the waves, he tackles everything with great gusto.  His zest for life is infectious.  Marley gives the best greeting when you come home every day, what we 've termed 'the Marley scarf' , where he scrambles up and wraps himself around your shoulders showering you with affection, slobbery dog style. Great with people and dogs alike, he's a much loved, integral part of our family and the most entertaining live wire of a hound ever. We're the lucky ones, not the other way round. 
He's no ordinary dog, he's our 4 legged legend. A very "spirited" hound - he puts the 'N' in nuts.
 M.D.M. - Mad Dog Marley. Top dog.


Dog's Name: Millie
Owner's Name: Theresa Mullen
Votes: 1

She is super cute and friendly if sometimes a bit naughty but great company and fun

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