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Petmania's #RealDog Search is On!

Meet our Finalists! Top 6 Dogs in each category will meet our Grand Final on Sunday 4th November

Beta #RealDogs Profiles


Thrillseekers are always chasing the next thrill. Once they’re outdoors and off the leash, they come to life. They just love to dive right in, no matter what. Splashing, swimming, rolling. Puddles, cut grass, lakes – it doesn’t matter! Because the messier it is, the better it is. If you’ve got a Thrillseeker, every country walk probably ends with a bath! And you wouldn’t have it any other way. a wander around a garden or park into an adventure, savouring every new experience.

Meet The Finalists


Life’s a stage and Jesters are here to entertain! Because nothing is more fun than a new game. Playing tug, fetch or hide and seek is what they live for. As soon as they hear you come in the door, they grab their favourite toy and push it into your hand or place it on your foot. They wag their tail so hard their bottom half wags too! Who doesn’t love a cheeky chappy?

Meet The Finalists


Every dog likes a treat. It’s part and parcel of training a puppy. In puppyhood, mouthing is a really important way for dogs to learn and experience their environment. But Foodies continue that behaviour into adulthood. They’re not just food motivated. They’re food obsessed! Relishing the world through their mouths, everything needs to be sniffed, everything needs to be licked, everything needs to be tasted.

Meet The Finalists


Every walk is the start of a new mission – digging, climbing, and uncovering. They just love to get out and about. They want to see what’s around the corner, over the hill, across the field. They want to see it for themselves, smell it, nose about and uncover things. And they don’t just make the most of the long walks. They can turn a wander around a garden or park into an adventure, savouring every new experience.

Meet The Finalists


They were born to move – fast! That’s why they need to run, track and retrieve. It’s their number one favourite thing to do because it’s in their breeding. In a park, on the beech, in the countryside: every time you take them for a walk, you know you’ll have to give them time off the leash to really stretch out and do what they naturally love. Of course, the truth is, you love it too!

Meet The Finalists


The more the merrier, that’s the Buddy way. They greet strangers like old friends and old friends like family. And they’re never happier than with other dogs and people. That’s why they’re never wary of new places, because new places mean new lovely people to meet and other Buddies to play with. Whether it’s playing, racing or chasing together, if your dog loves nothing better than to partner up, then you could have a Buddy on your hands!

Meet The Finalists

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