8 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

cute guinea pig in field

8 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

If you have a pet-shaped hole in your heart but don’t want the responsibility of caring for a bigger animal such as a dog or cat, then a guinea pig might be the fur-baby for you! There are many reasons why guinea pigs make fantastic pets, and are on the rise in popularity in Ireland. They are ideal if you have small children who do not have experience in caring for animals before. There are many reasons why they will make a great addition to any family; they are easy to care for, sweet-tempered and not destructive. Read below for our top 8 reasons why guinea pigs make for fantastic pets.

1. They are easy to care for

Guinea pigs are low maintenance compared to bigger pets like cats or dogs. They require hay, fresh water, a supply of vegetables and a small amount of pelleted food created for guinea pigs. They also require a vitamin C supplement each day as they cannot formulate their own Vitamin C. Along with a suitable, spacey cage that is cleaned regularly and toys to play with and crevices to crawl into (and some daily attention!) guinea pigs make for the perfect, easy-to-look-after pet.

2. They are cute

With a small furry body and cute little eyes, guinea pigs are an adorable pet to dote over. Give them a comfortable home and lots of attention, and they’ll snuggle up to you right away, making them even cuter! Another cute activity you may see your guinea pig exhibit is “popcorning”, which is a unique behaviour more commonly seen in young guinea pigs when they are happy or excited about something, and they begin to jump around fuelled by a burst of energy.

guinea pig playing outside

3. They Live For a Long Time

Small animals such as hamsters, gerbils and rats live only two to three years on average. If you’d rather care for a small pet that will stick around for a bit longer, take a look at adopting a guinea pig. Most guinea pigs live five to seven years and some have even lived into their teenage years.

4. Less Expensive

Guinea pigs don’t make as big a dent in your bank account as what a dog or cat would. After buying all the necessary equipment and your guinea pig has settled in, the only reoccurring cost is food, which is generally inexpensive. Of course, always ensure you can afford any surprise veterinary bills that may come your way.

5. Great Pets for Children

Less energetic and maintenance than dogs and cats, not as fragile as rabbits and less skittish than hamsters, guinea pigs make for wonderful pets for families with young children. It is important to note however that small children must always be supervised with any sort of pet.

6. They are Smart

With some patience, guinea pigs can learn some simple tricks when out on the floor. They are also known for recognising their own name, so it is possible to recall train.

7. They are Quiet

No barking or meowing in the middle of the night; guinea pigs are ideal pets if you want some peace and quiet. That’s not to say they’re completely silent; they do enjoy purring when they’re excited! Just no deafening noises or loud shrieks.

8. They are Friendly

Guinea pigs are sociable, friendly pets, that will cuddle up to you once they are comfortable. They enjoy the company of other guinea pigs, too (although it is best to keep a neutered male and spayed female together).

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