Adopting a friend for life.

Adopting a friend for life.

Galway Cat Rescue are delighted to resume adoptions following a difficult few months.

Animal Shelters struggled in the face of Covid-19. Animal rescue centres predicted a surge in returns of animals following lockdown and a spike in cat and dog litters. Galway cat rescue initiated a new model of adoption in some circumstances where a “foster with view to permanent future adoption” is considered by the committee.

All the kittens/cats leave the Galway Cat Rescue Centre are fully health-checked, parasite treated, vaccinated & neutered/spayed. Due to the large volume of animals in the centre many of the clinicians, vets and vet-nurses have been fostering for the organisation and their invaluable assistance is available for cases requiring medication & intensive care in foster.

The centre has had several cases of kitten abandonment one of which involved 6 kittens from several litters and a mother cat left in a remote location in a cardboard box.

The mother has been spayed and rehomed and the little ones are now weaned & spread over two of the Galway Cat Rescue Centre foster homes until they are ready to find their perfect homing matches.

Petmania, Ireland’s leading pet store set up a food appeal and a GoFundMe donation page during the Covid -19 pandemic where customers could support the Galway Cat Rescue Centre.

Olivia O’Reilly of Galway Cat Rescue said,

‘The food appeal is still helping enormously with supply and for that we say a big thank you to Petmania, the generosity of the people really blew us away and enabled us to care for these cats and kittens as best we could.’

When looking to adopt an animal from the rescue centre mandatory form filling, home-checks, contract and fee still apply but the foster/pre-adoptive family follow through with the vet clinics to bring their kitten to their appointments/health milestone checks. Full adoption is finalised after the spay/neuter is complete.

This enables the experienced foster families to open their doors to the next rehabilitation cases which keep coming day by day.

Petmania’s 12 stores are open across the country. Petmania are still offering a carry-to-car-service to help customers get essential health and nutrition supplies safely without leaving their car. Simply call Petmania Galway to place an order. The staff will deliver to the car and put them in the boot. You can find more information on adopting from the Galway Cat Rescue Centre on their website

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