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BudgiesHealth & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene


Your Budgie's cage will require a weekly clean, using a bird safe disinfectant. Cleaning out food and water dishes and perches every day will help maintain the cage and keep your Budgie healthy.


Budgies like to take baths on a daily basis, so it is important that they are provided with a bird bath (not too much water). This helps the Budgie stay clean and can also be used to cool the Budgie on a warm day.

Clipping feathers

Clipping Budgies flight feathers is not necessary, but when done correctly it helps to prevent injury or escape.


It is difficult to sex a Budgie when they are young, but when they mature you can tell if they are male or female by the color of their cere - the cere can be found between the beak and the eyes. Males have a blue cere, while females have a brown cere.

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