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The cockatiel makes a great pet. The males can very easily learn to whistle tunes and can even be taught to talk. They are capable of mimicking speech although they can be difficult to understand.

Cockatiels are easy to breed in either cages or aviaries and are originally from Australia.

Normal Grey Cockatiel

Female normal grey cockatiels have a fully grey body with a grey face that has dull cheeks that are orange in colour. Males have a fully grey body with bright yellow faces and orange cheeks.

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl Cocatiel are a grey brownish colour, with markings on their body that look like pearls. Male pearl cockatiels lose their pearl marking after their first molt. Males usually have bright yellow face with orange patches while females unlike the males keep their pearl markings, but have a grayish brown face.  

Lutino Cockatiel

These Cocatiel are not grey at all, but pure white or yellow with orange patches on their cheeks.  

Company for Cockatiels

It is advised to get a pair of cockatiels so they can keep each other company, but they also need human interaction so try to pet them daily. Cockatiels are sociable birds and should be kept in the same breed and sex (e.g. pearl breed, female and female). If you put a male and female together they may breed, so be aware of this.


The average lifespan for a Cockatiel is 12-15 years.


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