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Different types of Finches

Zebra Finch

The main body of the zebra finch is grey along the wings, a white belly and orange legs. Male zebra finches have chestnut patchs on their cheeks, black and white zebra stripes on the chin and neck. The male also has an orange beak. The females are duller in colour and are lacking chestnut patches with a bright red/ orange beak. They grow up to four inches.

Chestnut Breast Finch

These have a white belly with a brown upper body. The face, chin and throat are black along with the under tail. Males and females are nearly identically in appearance, but males will have a broader head and a beak with a blacker face. Males sing and dance while females do not. 

Bengalese Finch

These have a stocky build and can come in a variety of colours. The dark brown (or chocolate) Bengalese finch is the most widely recognized. There is no physical difference between the Bengalese finches other than the male fiches will sing, as where females will not.

Java Sparrow (Finch)

Java Sparrows have a grey upper body with a pink belly. They have a black head, white cheeks along with red around their eyes. The Java sparrow has pink feet and a thick red beak. Male and female java sparrows are very similar in appearance so one way of telling them apart is by the size of their beak. Males will have a thick red beak while females will have a slimmer red beak.

Company for Finches

Finches are very sociable birds and prefer companionship of the same breed. We recommend you pair finches that are the same breed. They are shy birds and require very little human interaction.


The average lifespan of a finch is between five and ten years.



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