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KararikiHabitat, Exercise & Play

Where they like to live

The ideal cage for a Karariki is a stainless steel cage with the dimensions 85cm x 55cm x 90cm. If the cage is too small this does not allow the Karariki to spread its wings. At 5 months old they become adolescent and so they become more adventurous and independent needing a bigger cage unless you chose a large one from the outset. Too small a cage could make them irritable and aggressive. 

Perches should be made available in the cage, along with ropes, and some toys like bells, balls, swings, ladders, perches. These perches will help keep the Karariki nails short. Suitable bedding for a Karariki is sand paper or beech chippings.

Exercise and Play

A Karariki should be let out for flying time a couple of times a day, allowing them to spread their wings and get exercise. Bird enjoy flying around a staircase as this gives them height to fly up and down. For a happy Karariki give them up to 3 hours flying time a day. Please make sure your house is bird proof before letting them out i.e. doors and windows are shut. Although like budgies they do not like to be handled, it is recommended that you give them some human interaction. Like all birds building a relationship with them is important, try holding something interesting to encourage them to come over and land on it.

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