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Parrots are a large order with over 350 birds. Many parrots are kept as pets, especially macaws, Amazon parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, and cockatoos. These birds have been popular companions because they are intelligent, charismatic, colourful, and musical.

Petmania African Grey

Parrots or Parakeets in the USA need a lot of attention and verbal communication from their owner. A parrot comes to understand quickly that the humans around it are its social group or its flock and so they pick up on their flock’s language.

In the bird's mind, learning the language of the home is the primary way of getting noticed and getting its needs met. A parrot that talks or mimics other sounds in the home is a parrot that's interested in the humans around it. The primary requirement you need in teaching a bird to talk is a good relationship with the bird.

There are three common parrot types that are kept as pets: 

African Grey

The African Grey is a highly intelligent bird, they are known for their extensive vocabularies and cognitive skills. 


Cockatoo parrots make a good pet as they bond easily with humans and they liked to be cuddled and petted.


These parrots are affectionate and friendly, also called Rose-Breasted Cockatoos. They have a reputation for being loving pets but do require a lot of time and attention from their owners.

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