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ParrotsAfrican Grey

African Grey Parrots

The African grey parrot is one of the most charming parrots. The African grey parrot has a wonderful character, a combination of intelligence and charm. African grey parrots have been kept as pets for over 4000 years.

African Grey parrots are very strong and they can bite with their strong pointed beak and scratch with their claws. As mentioned before they have a high intelligence and they are generally thought to be the best mimics of all parrots.Pet owners often refer to their relationship with their hand reared pet African Greys as being "like having a five-year-old child".

African Grey parrots, like any pet parrot, can require a large commitment as they require a lot of attention. African Greys particularly Congo African Greys are known to be shy amongst strangers. African Greys have the tendency to bond to only one person if they do not interact with different people regularly.

There or officially two subspecies of the African Grey Parrot

Congo African Grey

The Congo’s are highly susceptible to developing bad behaviors and it’s very important you stop these when they start. Some of the common problems you might run into are: feather plucking, biting and screaming.

Timneh African Grey

The lesser common of the African Grey Parrot sub-species the Timneh, is often considered the more nervous of the two. Typically they require a considerable amount of attention and can develop some behavior issues if that attention is not provided to them. The Timneh are excellent talkers most of the time and quick to learn.  

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