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African GreyHealth & Hygiene

African Grey Health & Hygiene

African Grey parrots get due sick due to poor nutrition or stress. Poor nutrition comes from the amount of food you feed it or the type of food. Stress can come from feeling unloved or not part of the 'clan' or 'flock'  that is why attention, plaing games and exercise are essential for the parrots happiness.

Birds, usually hide their health problems, this is a self-defense ability birds use to keep their predators from attacking them. It is part of their survival instinct, because of this it could be a couple of weeks before you will even knows that your bird is sick.

Here are some symptoms to look for if you think your African Grey Parrot is sick:

  • A Reduced appetite
  • A discharge from its nose or eyes
  • Swelling around its eyesand sneezing 
  • Trouble eating
  • Weight lossand poor balance
  • Limping or swollen feet or joints
  • Bleeding anywhere

You pet African Grey may be shaking or shivering, you should not be too concerned, as they tend to do both quite often. Greys do tend to be a bit on the nervous side if not socialized well, so it doesn’t mean that they are cold or scared, it’s perfectly natural for them to do this.


Birds are very good at cleaning themselves they do this by preening and arranging their feathers. However there are some things you can do to help keep your parrot clean and fresh. You can wash its feet with warm water, this keeps their feet soft and clean. During summer, sprinkle water or mop them with a towel dipped in water, if they get very warm.

Make sure you wash their bill after every meal to protect against infection around the mount. Always provide your African Grey with clean water and clean their food bowl everyday.

Their cage should be cleaned and washed weekly as a dirty cage can cause infection for the parrot. 

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