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Cockatoo Parrots 

Cockatoos are loving and social parrots, they are very intelligent and playful. Most Cockatoos are white in colour, but others come in grey, pink and black. This parrot is a native of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and there are over 40 species of the Cockatoo in the world. With a lifespan of up to 120 years for some cockatoo species, these birds make wonderful life long friends. Each cockatoo is different in nature from the other, but most of them are docile.

Petmania Cockatoo

Well known pet Cockatoos:   

Goffin Cockatoo

The Goffin Cockatoo is a fun loving parrot who is a born entertainer, they are good talkers but some can talk excessively.

Umbrella Cockatoo

The White or White-Crested Cockatoo is better known as Umbrella Cockatoo. Umbrella Cockatoos are intelligent, social, good natured, active, acrobatic and very affectionate.

Moluccan Cockatoo

The Moluccan Cockatoo is the largest of the "white" cockatoos. The Moluccan Cockatoo is a very intelligent and sensitive bird.

Rose Breasted Cockato or Galah 

A captive bred Rose Breasted Cockatoo makes a more affectionate and healthier pet than its relatives. The Rose Breasted Cockatoo is relatively quiet and has an engaging, sprightly personality and a good ability to mimic human speech.

Why do Cockatoos scream?

Cockatoos are known for being noisy. This is the way they demonstrate joy, fear, anger, excitement and a mix of other emotions. They often shriek two or three times a day and scream out of sheer energy and because they are happy to be alive. A cockatoo will nearly burst with excitement when you come home from work, at mealtimes, when the conversation is animated or even if there is an action movie on the TV. The noisier your household is, the noisier your cockatoo is likely to be. This is perfectly normal and should be considered before committing to owning a Cockatoo as a pet.

Company for Cockatoos

Choosing to have two pet Cockatoos can be a good idea if you are not able to give them that much time and attention. With two they can devote their love and attention to each other. Be careful though as male cockatoos can be very aggressive with female Cockatoos so before you choose to pair up your Cockatoos please check with member of the Petmania team.  

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