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CockatooHealth & Hygiene

Cockatoo Health & Hygiene

Most disease in caged birds is either directly or indirectly related to three important factors, poor hygiene, malnutrition and/or stress. Birds, usually hide their health problems, this is a self-defense ability birds use to keep their predators from attacking them. It is part of their survival instinct. Because of this it could be a couple of weeks before you will even knows that your bird is sick.

A few things to look for if you think your Cockatoo is sick:

  • A Reduced appetite
  • A discharge from its nose & eyes
  • Swelling around its eyes & sneezing
  • Trouble eating & weight loss
  • Problems with balance
  • Swollen feet or joints
  • Bleeding 

If your bird has theses symptoms it is best to get him to a vet as soon as possible.


Hygiene for Cockatoo Parrots

Cockatoos are extremely clean by nature and preen themselves regularly. They naturally produce a great deal of dust which aids in keeping their wings and skin healthy. However, a Cockatoos personal hygiene may include a weekly shower or bath to get rid of accumulated feather dust.


If cockatoos are not partnered with another bird, they will need assistance from their owners to preen. Scratch lightly in the direction of the feathers on the top of the heads, the neck area, and other areas they can't reach. This will help remove the clear feather sheaths from new feathers, as these can get itchy and uncomfortable.   

The wings should be kept trim if you want to discourage flight and to prevent the loss of your pet through an open window or door.  

The beak and claws need to be trimmed if they are not worn down from climbing and chewing. A variety of concrete type perches are available to help the keep nails trim, but they should still be trimmed if they become overgrown.

Make sure you wash their bill after every meal to protect against infection around the mount. Always provide your African Grey with clean water and clean their food bowl everyday. Their cage should be cleaned and washed weekly as a dirty cage can cause infection for the Cockatoo.

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