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Different Types of Rosella

Crimson Rosella

Has mostly red feathers with bright blue cheeks and the tail is blue. The feathers at the back of the wing are black. The crimson rosella can grow up to fourteen inches long. The female has a smaller head and a finer beak compared to the male crimson rosella

Eastern Rosella

Can grow up to twelve inches long, the eastern rosella has a red head with white cheeks. The beak is white, with an upper breast (colour red) and lower breast colour yellow. The feathers at the back of the wing are black, with yellowish/greenish patterning. The tail is a dark green colour and the legs are grey. The female is similar to the male, but not as bright in colour.

Company for Rosellas

It is recommended that Rosella birds are not housed with other birds, and if you are getting a pair of Rosellas it is best to only keep one pair per aviary. If they are housed in the same aviary (or close by) they will become aggressive towards each other. If you have a female Rosella and you are thinking of breeding, it is best to only get one male as they will fight with each other over the female.


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