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RosellaHabitat, Exercise & Play

Where They Like to Live

Rosellas are happiest in an aviary setting or long flight cages as they are avid flyers. Single pets can be housed in medium-sized parrot cages as long as they are allocated time each day out of the cage.

Males are very much aggressive towards other males especially in the presence of a hen. If you house pairs separately in side-by-side cages you may want to place solid dividers between them as this will help a great deal with tempering their aggression. It is not advised to house this species with others.

A suitable bedding substance is required, like sand paper or beech chippings. Perches, ropes and bells should be provided in the cage to help occupy the Rosella.

Exercise and Play

The more you handle your Rosella the tamer it will become, creating a bond between owner and bird. Every bird needs exercise and the Rosella is no different, they love exercise and should be allowed out of their cage every day in order to achieve this. Make sure your house is bird proof before letting the Rosella out (i.e. windows and doors are shut). Toys should be provided for the Rosella.


Make sure you hold your Rosella gently, do not squeeze or poke. Let them climb on you and sit on your head if they like. When taking them from their cage, be sure to hold them firmly around their bodies and make sure you don't bump their heads or beaks. Stroke them gently with the direction of their feathers around their body. If you want your bird to stay tame, you need to handle them at least once a day.

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