An Irish owned and operated company, BLUE PET CO has developed a range of functional supplements specifically designed to ensure the optimal health and wellness for your canine friends. This unique range of supplements for dogs uses marine bio-actives with potent activities supporting gut health, bone health and mobility, coat and skin condition and immune system performance.

  • Unique Formulation, Taste & Texture
  • With Seaweed Complexes Phycoidan and Phytomara
  • Tasty, Chewable Supplements for Dogs

Seaweed is a fully renewable natural resource with a wide variety of wild organic seaweed species growing in abundance along the Irish Wild Atlantic Way. The seaweeds utilised to create BLUE PET CO’s high-purity ingredients and extracts are organic are sustainably hand harvested to ensuring regrowth and ensure the delicate seabed goes undisturbed. The ingredients in all products are manufactured in line with Origin Green protocols, Ireland’s food and drink sustainability program, which enables the food industry to set and achieve sustainability targets and continuous improvement.