Fish keeping can often become a daunting task, but luckily CIANO has an offering which makes it all a walk in the park. Our selection of these products includes a range of quality aquariums that are perfect for your little fish friends to explore in. As you browse, you’ll find an array of aquariums and accessories for aquariums that are suitable for different types of fish. Whether you have tropical fish, cold-water fish or need anything for your favourite goldfish, CIANO can help.

The company’s established mission is to ‘develop a passion for aquariums offering integrated solutions that facilitate the use and maintenance of aquariums ensuring effective support to plant life and fish with quality products.

Its product lines include Aqua, Nexus Pure®, Emotions®, Tartarium®, My Aquarium, CF®, and CLA.

A specialist in fishkeeping, CIANO’s team has created innovative and superior quality fish products for the past twenty years.