Nutrition is the foundation for long-term health, well-being and the starting point for an amazing life for your pet. PRO PLAN is a confident choice for those looking for products based on cutting edge proven science, rooted in over 90 years of passion and expertise.

Nourish your Pet’s life-long health with PRO PLAN products precisely formulated to make the most of high quality ingredients, deliver efficient nutrient absorption and proven targeted benefits at every stage of their lives – from helping support immunity in kittens to helping lifelong wellbeing in adult cats.. As food is also the key to your cat’s heart, all our products also offer great taste your pet will love.

By tailoring the levels of specific nutrients to meet the precise needs of different pets at every life stage, the Purina PRO PLAN range delivers optimised nutrition, enabling owners to give their pets meaningful health benefits that help support long-term well-being and lifestyle.