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Cat Food BrandsRoyal Canin

ROYAL CANIN®,  has multiple ranges of cat food for all types of cats and kittens. The cat food products contain uniquely crafted nutritional profiles tailored to your cat’s breed, age, size and particular requirements to help in the maintenance of good health.
Explore  the complete ranges of wet and dry foods to find the one ready-made to meet the daily requirements of your cat or kitten.

Royal Canin Breed

Feline Breed Nutrition Range

Not all cats are the same. Some breeds have specific needs, depending on their size, coat, digestion and other factors. This is why we want to make sure that you feed your breed of cat the right food to provide the nutritional solution that meets their exact needs.

Take a look at our collection of Feline Breed Nutrition cat and kitten foods to find the product to match your cat’s breed.

Royal Canin Health

Feline Health Nutrition Range

A cat’s needs may change over time, and some cats will have different requirements based on their lifestyle. For example, older cats have different nutritional needs to growing kittens, and cats that mainly live indoors typically have lower energy requirements than outdoor cats, so we have developed different diets to suit different needs.

We also have diets to help nutritionally support cats with longer hair that are more likely to develop hairballs, and other diets that are specially formulated for fussier eaters.

So, make sure you’re feeding the right diet to ensure your cat’s health and check with your vet or retailer, or contact us if you are unsure. Take a look at our Feline Health Nutrition range and see which foods apply to your cat’s profile.

Royal Canin Care

Feline Care Nutrition

We understand that some cats have specific sensitivities, such as dull coat, sensitive skin, tendencies to gain weight and dental health issues. That’s why we have designed this range of diets alongside our veterinarians and nutritionists to offer precise formulations that offer the nutritional support required to help nutritionally support cats with these particular sensitivities. Peruse our Feline Care Nutrition range and if you are unsure whether these are the right diets for your cat, your vet, pet specialist or contact us for advice. NOTE – These diets are not intended to take the place of veterinary consultation and if you have any worries or concerns regarding the health of your pet always seek veterinary advice.

Royal Canin Pure

Pure Feline

Our Pure Feline range focuses on skin and coat health and ideal weight maintenance through satisfied appetite. These products are complete foods that contain fruit and plant extracts to support the growth of certain traits and health through tailored nutrition.

Find out how each product’s plant extract uniquely provides health benefits to cats.

Royal Canin Urinary


Urinary support shouldn’t disappear with the symptoms. Tailored nutritional solutions to support feline and canine urinary health.

Lower Urinary Tract Disease (LUTD) is a generic name given to a group of challenging diseases. Symptoms and causes are variable. For the most
frequent ones, the origins remain unknown. The term used to describe cystitis where the cause is unknown is ‘idiopathic’ cystitis.

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