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Cat Exercise & Play

Exercise & Play

As with all pets, cats need regular exercise to help keep them healthy and prevent them from becoming overweight. Interactive play is also extremely important for cats, and while they may enjoy lots of 'cat nap' they do enjoy playtime, and will need toys to prevent them from becoming bored.

Petmania Kitten

Interactive play is also a fantastic way to build a bond with your cat or kitten.

Kittens are extremely playful and love to explore so scheduling lots of play time with your kitten will not only keep her entertained, but will also help her to learn, and build a bond of trust between you and your kitten. You will also need to provide your kitten with access to toys and scratch posts all the time - without them, they are likely to find their own and won't discriminate against your favourite piece of furniture if she thinks you've provided it to her as her scratching post. allow your kitten to play and entertain itself.

Scratching posts, balls, feathers and strings are amongst the many toys favoured by kittens, and using cat nip (a herb loved by cats and included in many toys and treats for cats) can be useful to help train your cat.

Adult Cats-regular exercise will keep them healthier and stop them from becoming overweight. Toys (balls, play mice, feathers on a stick) encourage your cat to play, along with the use of cat nip is effective. A scratching post should be provided to help keep their nails trim and healthy.

Petmania Cat

Senior Cats - Older cats tend to become less active, but it is important to encourage them to exercise in order to keep them limber and prevent them from becoming overweight. Use interactive toys and cat nip to help motivate your senior cat to exercise. Older cats do tire easily, so be aware of breathing becoming heavier which will suggest that your cat needs to rest.

A wide range of cat toys and scratch posts are available from your local Petmania, so drop in today and let us help you find the right toys and exercise for your cat.

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