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Coldwater FishCaring For Your Goldfish

Goldfish Care

Goldfish are undoubtedly the best first pet for children. Goldfish are the most undemanding pet you could choose, no walking, no fear they’ll chew the sofa and minimum time required, all you have to do is clean their tank weekly and feed them once a day.We recommend goldfish for first time pets as they are low maintenance while nice and calming to watch.

Feeding your Goldfish

You only need to feed your goldfish once a day. It is important that you don’t feed them more than once a day otherwise you’re increasing the amount of waste your fish is producing and also increasing the risk of over feeding.  Remember your goldfish is an omnivorous scavenger which means it will eat anything so stick to only feeding the recommended amount once a day. After ten minutes of eating remove any leftover food from their tank. Provide a proper diet for your fish and it will increase their life expectancy and bolster their immune system.

We recommend you feed your fish high quality fish food once a day. As a treat you could feed your fish some frozen fish food available from Petmania.  

Keeping your Fish Healthy & Clean

You should thoroughly clean your fish bowl every week. Have a net on hand to scoop out faeces or leftover food each day.

How to change the water:

  • Catch your fish with a small net and place it in a smaller bowl full of room-temperature water from the original bowl.
  • Empty the original fishbowl into the sink. Catch any rocks or other objects in a strainer.
  • Rinse the bowl thoroughly with hot water, scrubbing the sides with a paper towel, if needed.
  • Pour out the dirty water, and repeat with more hot water. This will help kill germs and bacteria.
  • Clean your bowl using a chemical cleaner designed specifically for gold-fish bowls. Never use soap or detergent when washing a fishbowl.
  • Rinse the bowl out thoroughly with cold water.
  • Run cold water over the objects in the strainer (gravel, plastic plants) until they are clean. Return them to the bowl.
  • Refill the bowl and let the new water sit for 24 hours to allow the chlorine in the tap water to evaporate and to bring the water to room temperature.
  • Now you can return your fish to the original bowl.
Petmania Red Oranda Goldfish


Goldfish have a memory-span of at least three months and can distinguish between different shapes, colours and sounds. Fish respond to certain colours most evidently in relation to feeding. Fish learn to anticipate feedings provided they occur at around the same time every day.  

Goldfish, like almost any fish, are aware that they are prey animals. In order to feel comfortable, they need to have lots of hiding places so make sure you put a fish ornament in their tank along with some fish plants and gravel.    

Goldfish Companionship

Goldfish can be kept in the same tank as fish with similar care requirements and temperament, i.e. water temperature, size etc.

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