Is Your Pet Ready for the #FitPetChallenge ?

Is Your Pet Ready for the #FitPetChallenge ?

We’re challenging pet parents across Ireland to ‘go fur it’ and take part in a new, fun social media challenge called the #FitPetChallenge! Tying into our annual health and lifestyle programme Operation TransPAWmation, we want to see pets walk, play, swim, and jump—everything and anything to get them active and having fun!

How Do I Take Part?

Taking part in the challenge couldn’t be easier—all you need to do is…

  1. Challenge your four legged friend to get active every day for 2 weeks (whether it’s out on the beach or playing with some toys—the important part is that they are moving!)
  2. Snap a picture and upload to social media (this can be at any point during the challenge; Day 1, Day 7 or Day 12—whatever day suits you!)
  3. Nominate 3 friends to also take part in the challenge!
  4. Donate to our GoFundMe which is raising funds for our various Rescue Centre partners across Ireland.

It all kicks off on Monday, 21st February so make sure to get your four legged friend ready for an exciting two weeks ahead!

lady taking selfie with dog as he is on a walk

What Charities are Involved?

We’ve teamed up with the below rescue partners to try and raise funds to help pay with food and welfare bills;

– DEEL Animal Action Group  , Limerick

DEISE Animal Sanctuary , Waterford

Laois SPCA , Laois

Ash Rescue, Carlow

Galway Cat Rescue , Galway

SERA Husky & Animal Rescue , Kerry

Protecting Pound Dogs, Kilkenny

Roscommon SPCA, Roscommon

Kingdom Cat & Dog Rescue, Kerry

You can make a donation via their social media pages through their link, or you can donate to the overall GoFundMe which will be split evenly amongst all the charities.

weight checks in westport

What is Operation TransPAWmation?

Operation TransPAWmation is Petmania’s sixth annual health and wellbeing programme for pets. It aims to prevent obesity in cats and dogs and highlight everyday steps to healthier pets.

The programme runs online and in-stores throughout February and March with weekly updates, a food diary, exercise and diet tips, fun activities, expert tutorials, plus exciting weekly health challenges for furry friends to complete.

Participants will get exclusive access to a special webinar presented by Operation TransPAWmation’s panel of experts. Pet owners can follow the eight-week healthy lifestyle plan, for free, by registering here.

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