How Do I Clean My Dog’s Ears

How Do I Clean My Dog’s Ears

How, and Why, Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Keeping your dog’s ears clean is really important to help prevent nasty ear infections, inflammation or ear mites which can cause your dog great distress.

Breeds with longer ears, and working dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, are more prone than others to build-up of dirt and potential ear infections than shorter haired breeds. Getting into the habit of checking your dog’s ears you’ll soon figure out how frequently his ears need cleaning.

Hayley Ryan, Professional Dog Groomer

Hayley is a Professional Dog Groomer at Petmania Grooming Studios since 2018, having qualified as groomer in 2015. She is also a Grooming Trainer for the Petmania Grooming Academy. She has competed and won rosettes at the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association's Madra Mania, and cares for dogs at our Grooming Studio in Kilkenny.

Hayley is the human companion to 11 year old rescue dog Lady, whom she believes to be a Yorkie-Jack Russell cross, and her favourite thing about being a dog groomer is the bond that she creates with the dogs she cares for - she just love to see those tails wagging on arrival for their groom!

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears at Home

Before you start to clean your dog’s ears at home, first make sure that your dog is comfortable, relaxed and happy for you to touch his ears.

Take his ear in your hand, opening it between your thumb and index finger. This will allow you to look inside his ear. It is normal for your dog’s ear to have some small amount of wax present, but any signs of infection will need veterinary care.

Signs of Infection:

  • Signs of redness
  • Inflammation
  • Discharge
  • Smelly odour

Stop! If you notice any signs of infection, stop and make an appointment with your vet. 

To clean your dog’s ears at home, you will need a suitable ear cleaner, and some clean cotton pads.

Long earred dog

The ear clean

Once your dog’s ear is clear of any signs of infection, you can proceed with the ear clean. To clean the ear you will need a dog-safe ear cleaner and a clean, cotton pad.

  1. Moisten your cotton pad with the liquid ear cleaner
  2. Gently wipe the entrance to your dog’s ear to remove dirt or excess ear wax
  3. With a fresh cotton pad, use wipe the inner ear canal.
  4. Alternatively, if your chosen ear cleaner has a dispenser nozzle, follow the manufacture’s instructions and apply the ear cleaner directly into the ear canal and massage the base of the ear to  work the cleaner into the ear.
  5. Wipe around the entrance to your dog’s ear again to remove any remaining cleaner, dirt or wax

Getting professional help

If you’re not confident cleaning your dog’s ears, or your dog is a little nervous, remember that professional help is available from your local Petmania Grooming Studio. All of our grooming treatments include a full ear clean, and in-between full grooms, you can also book your dog in for an ear clean.

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