How to Choose a Kennel and Run for your Dog

German shepherd resting in its wooden kennel

How to Choose a Kennel and Run for your Dog

If your dog likes to spend most of his time outside, it’s important he has a comfy kennel to retreat to when he needs some rest and escape from the elements. An enclosed dog run also gives them space to roam, while tie-outs are also a great way to give them freedom and yet keep them secure.

Choosing a kennel and run can be overwhelming when there’s so much to think about. There are many different kennels and runs available in various shapes and sizes, and there’s one to suit every type of dog. But which one suits your dog?

Read our top tips below on how to select the best kennel for your dog, the types available and how to make sure it’s a place he can call ‘home’.

Sizing a Kennel

The first question that should come to mind when shopping for a kennel is ‘what size?’ Pick a kennel that gives your dog ample space to walk into, turn around and stand up in. Don’t give him too much however-this won’t keep him nice and warm during the winter months! He may also be tempted to use the extra space as a toilet area. If you have a puppy, ensure he will still be able to fit into his kennel even when he is fully grown.

To measure your dog, get a measuring tape and measure from the nose to the base of his tail. Then, measure from the top of his head to the floor to get his height. The kennel should be about 3-4 inches taller and 3-4 inches longer than your dog. This is to ensure there is plenty of space to completely stand up, turn around, and lie all the way down.

If you own a puppy, it is important to consider the size of your dog once he is fully grown. A kennel suited to a small puppy won’t suit a fully grown dog

Sizing a Run

As with kennels, the number one question should be ‘what size run will suit my dog?’ You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable in a tiny run, so a decent size is essential to make sure he’s happy.

Plan the run for an adult dog, so when he is fully grown you won’t need to look for an upgrade to accommodate his increased size.

You will need to decide how much of your garden will be dedicated to the dog kennel and run. The more you can spare the better, especially if they will be left alone for a few hours a day. If it is only a temporary holding spot for times when you need it, then a smaller space may suit.

Don’t forget, the larger the dog, the more space they will require to exercise and run around, so don’t leave a big dog in a small, confined space in the garden!

Types of Kennels

  1. Plastic kennels are suited for dogs who like to chew. The robust material will stand strong against any chewing pups, and are also warmer and easier to clean. The MP BERGAMO Eco Plastic Kennel are ideal if plastic kennel best suits you and your dog.
  2. Wooden kennels give your dog more privacy and acts as a den for them. Older and more mature dogs will benefit from wooden crates. They are also better looking and easier to fit into home décor. If placing the wooden kennel outside, be sure it is correctly weather-proofed so that it will stand up to the elements. Check out wooden kennels like BLUE PAW Cottage Dog Kennel and M-PETS Shelter Flat Roof Dog House.
A white fluffy Samoyed dog sits and looks out from a wooden doghouse in an open-air cage in sunny weather.

Types of Runs

  1. Indoor: Indoor dog runs like the MIDWEST Lifestages MaxLock Exercise Pen is perfect when you need to keep your dog contained but would prefer for them to stay in the comfort of your home. It features eight 2-foot-wide panels that can be arranged in a number of configurations. Each pen creates a 16-square-foot enclosed area when assembled and folds flat for convenient storage.
  2. Outdoor: The MIDWEST K9 Kennel Chain Link Dog Run will help keep your dog safe and secure when outside. Made with a strong, galvanized steel frame and chain-link mesh construction, it provides extra stability to ensure years of use with little upkeep or maintenance.
Beautiful white pooch dog in the booth on a sunny day. House for an animal. Selective focus

Where To Put the Kennel and Run

Choose a spot that will work well for you and them. Keep it out of the way so it doesn’t  interfere with outdoor entertaining or activities, but keep it close enough to your house so you can check on your dog from the window. Consider placing it in a shaded area so the sun or rain won’t cause any discomfort.

What To Put in the Kennel

Need Help?

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