How to Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain in your Dog

How to Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain in your Dog

Like us, our canine friends are vulnerable to stiffness and muscle pain for many different reasons. Muscle and joint pain can be a common sight to see in older dogs, but active breeds like springers, vizlas, or boxers can also experience mobility pain.

While this is unfortunately all too common to see in dogs, there are many treatments available to help provide your four legged friend with some relief. Below, we explain what can cause muscle and joint pain, and what our Muscle & Joint Therapy Bath & Styling can do to help your best friend.

What Causes Muscle & Joint Pain in Dogs?

There are many different causes of muscle and joint pain in dogs, such as;

  • Obesity
  • Genetics
  • Breed (larger breeds are more prone to degenerative problems due to carrying more weight in their joints)
  • Stress from athletic-related injury
  • Old age
  • Does not like to be petted/touched in certain areas
  • Toilet accidents in the house
Beagle dog lying on carpet in cozy home due to muscle and joint pain

Signs of Muscle & Joint Pain in Dogs

If you notice any of the below signs, consult with your veterinarian and they will be able to provide a diagnosis for your dog, and may recommend treatments and pain relief. The below signs may appear gradually over time;

  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Less energy or reduced interest in normal activities
  • Reluctant to stand up or rise
  • Reluctant to jump, run, or walk
  • Trouble sitting, lying down, or getting up
  • Sleeping more
  • Panting/drooling (can be a sign of stress)
  • Limping or lameness
dog in petmania grooming studios santry getting groomed

How to Relieve Your Dog of Muscle Pain

Nobody likes seeing their pet in pain; luckily, there are several ways to help reduce discomfort or stress on your dog. Our Muscle and Joint Therapy Bath & Styling treatment here in Petmania Grooming Studios is the perfect treatment for very sporty dogs, or for those with post-op injuries or mobility issues.

For this treatment, we carry out a gentle, rhythmic canine massage that is infused with peppermint and menthol to sooth aching joints and muscles, increase blood ­flow and ­flush out toxins from the body. The peppermint extract in our treatment mud adds cooling, anti-bacterial and anti-irritation properties. It also reduces in­flammation, redness and cools the skin by constricting capillaries and increasing circulation. The menthol functions as a refreshing anti-septic and circulation stimulant giving the skin a cool feeling and reducing itching and tenderness. The combination of these two primary ingredients result in your dog feeling renewed and energized by the end.

On top of that, we also carry out an expert nail trim, an ear clean, an eye cleanse and a breed standard styling to leave them feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

If you would like to book your dog in for a groom, you can do so by clicking here, or you can call into your local store to see what your options are.

If you have any questions regarding your dog, or are interested in finding out more about what shampoos and treatments we have available, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

Supplements to help relieve muscle pain

If your dog suffers from any kind of health conditions, no matter how small or chronic they may be, a supplement could help relieve pain and provide a higher level of certain beneficial nutrients.

If your dog suffers from arthritis or muscle and joint problems, supplementary food such as Blue Pet Co Joint & Muscle help ease any pain they may be experiencing as it protects the cartilage in the joints.

TRM Stride Plus Liquid for Dogs is also another great supplement that helps support the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints in dogs. It contains ingredients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin which help improve cartilage health and joint lubrication. This means they will feel less friction and pain when they are active.

For an easy-to-give powder that you can mix into your pet’s food, why not try Hemp Heros Super Pet Powder Joint & Movement, which is packed full of essential minerals and curcumin known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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