Keeping Your Guinea Pig Warm This Winter

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Keeping Your Guinea Pig Warm This Winter

Every small pet has certain needs when it comes to ideal body temperature, and guinea pigs are no exception. If your guinea pigs are usually housed outside, it may be a good idea to bring them indoors so they can stay warm and dry, but there are ways to winter-proof their hutch and provide a warm and cosy home for them.

Read below our top ways for keeping your guinea pig warm this winter and how to beat the cold to ensure you have one happy, healthy piggie on your hands!

Keeping Your Guinea Pig Warm

1.Keep Away From Drafts

To ensure your guinea pig gets maximum warmth, make sure his hutch or cage is completely draft-free. Position his hutch or age away from any windows or doors. If outside, insulate the walls of the hutch with newspaper or straw; about 10-20 sheets thick. Check that the hutch is completely 100% waterproof, and all wooden panels are dry and showing no signs of mould.

2. Blankets

Your piggie can cuddle up to an old blanket which will help maintain their body heat. Any small blanket, towel, or fleece will surely be appreciated by your guinea pig in the cold weather.

3. Lots of Nutritious Food

Food means energy, and having lots of energy to burn off is important when fighting off the cold. An increase in your guinea pig’s daily food intake can help keep his body temperature up, which is extremely important if he is going to be staying outside. A diet consisting of fresh hay, veggies and healthy pellets will allow your guinea pig to thrive. For more information on feeding your guinea pig, see our blog post here.

4. Exercise

No matter what the weather is, your guinea pig needs daily exercise. Scooting around and playing with toys will increase blood circulation, making them hot. Make sure the surrounding areas and anywhere they are playing is dry and clean, both for indoors and outdoors.

5. Provide Plenty of Bedding

Make sure to supply enough bedding for your guinea pig’s hutch to keep him warm. Use wood shavings or other fluffy bedding that creates a nice, warm bed for him to snuggle into.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions regarding caring for your guinea pig or setting up their hutch, get in touch with one our Pet Care Advisors online or in your local store today.

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