Obedience Training for Dogs

Obedience Training for Dogs


Taking the time to do obedience training for dogs will make for a much happier life for both you, and your four-legged friend. Consistency and positive reinforcement with training rewards are the best things to help you to train your puppy; and attending a class with a professional is highly recommended.

At Petmania we recommend the Association of Professional Dog Trainers in Ireland. They embrace positive, reward-based, training techniques so that the dog and owner can enjoy learning in a friendly environment. Being in a relaxed and friendly environment is proven to maximize learning; and it promotes confidence and initiative in dogs. For more information, please contact us.

Their members can help you with puppy classes, basic obedience, more advanced competitive obedience, agility, clicker training, and even skills such as heel-work to music!

Positive Reinforcement

This reinforces good behaviour by giving a reward (treat, praise, play etc). It does not involve the use of choke chains, shock collars etc. The key to a positive reinforcement in training is to find something which your dogs likes; and give them the opportunity to access that motivator as a reward.

Find Out What Motivates Your Dog & Reward Good Behaviour

Every dog will be motivated by different things such as; food (in fact all living things are motivated by food); toys & games; social contact; and behavioural outlets particularly chasing moving things.

If you can work out which things are most motivating to your dog in the different situations, training becomes really easy. Remember you control your dog’s access to these nice things so use them in training; have them earn it!

Consistency is Key!

• Make sure everyone is using the same commands for each task you want your dog to learn. This will make sure there is no confusion; and make it easier for your dog to understand what they are being asked to do.
• Use training rewards and praise when you dog does what you want them to do. They will soon start to look for the praise and do what you ask easily.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

  • Puppies need to learn how to be with other dogs and people. Attending puppy socialisation classes will help them to understand how to interact with other dogs; and make it easier to take them out in public as they get older.