Petmania Fish Livestock Wellbeing Statement

Petmania Fish Livestock Wellbeing Statement

At Petmania we are selling coldwater fish, tropical fish, and at selected stores, marine fish too. The fish livestock wellbeing is our top priority. Our tanks are maintained to the highest standards, so we are confident in the health of our fish.

To help ensure their ongoing health, we are happy to test the water in your tank prior to you taking them home. As a result, their new environment could be very different to what it is now.

For this reason, we offer a 24-hr guarantee for your fish, and we are always prepared to help you resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing with the maintenance of your tank.

If you are thinking of getting a fish tank; or are looking to add to the population of your existing tank; please contact your local Petmania pet shop to find out what fish we currently have available.