Bedding and Substrates

Bedding and substrates are the ground matter that you will use to set up your viviarium, There are different types available, depending on the type of environment you are seeking to recreate. Recreating your reptile’s natural habitat is important to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Aspen Snake Bedding offers a high absorbency rate and is generally dust-free. It’s unique structure allows pets to burrow and nests just like in nature. It is also great for lizards, birds, tortoises, tarantulas and insects.

Bark is used to recreate natural set-ups required for humidity-loving reptiles. It stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior, and is the perfect substrate in which to grow plants.

Calcium Substrates provide a source of soluble calcium carbonate which if eaten will boost your Reptile’s overall health.

Compressed Coconut Fibre offers high moisture absorbency with little decay. This makes it an ideal substrate for reptile and amphibian’s that live in a tropical habitat. Its naturally expandable composition makes it soft and safe for jumping species like frogs and toads; while it makes an excellent substrate for nesting and burrowing.

Sand has a loose grain structure which stimulates natural digging and burrowing behaviors in your reptiles and amphibians. It can be used for a variety of pets including bearded dragons, leopard gecko, tarantulas and scorpions.

Sphagnum Moss is used in humid environments; retaining water and does not decompose in humid conditions.

Vermiculite is ideal for humid environments which need stable conditions over an extended period; and is therefore widely used for hatching reptile eggs and invertebrates. Vermiculite does not rot and is not suitable for where a highly humid environment needs to be stable for extended periods of time. Vermiculite Substrate has few competitors. It doesn’t decay or support the growth of micro-organisms, despite its ability to hold large volumes of water.

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