Kennels and Beds for Your Dog

Beds, Kennels & Somewhere to Call Home

Every dog needs a space to call its own; so a comfy bed and kennel will be needed. At Petmania we have a full range of hard dog beds, soft dog cushions, orthopaedic mattresses and waterproof beds.

Helping your dog feel comfy, safe and secure is an essential part of caring for your dog.

When training your new dog, it is important to help them feel safe and secure in its new surroundings. Crates can be a great assistance for this, because the doors can be closed. However, they can still see what is going on around them. They are also useful for transporting your dog in a safe manner.

Choosing a Dog Bed

Lounger beds are great for dogs that prefer to curl up; they give a sense of security and comfort to your dog. Mattresses are perfect for dogs that like to stretch out while they sleep. We have a wide choice of beds available so if your shopping for fashion, comfort, fit or practicality, we’re bound to have a bed that will suit your dog’s needs.

Kennels & Runs

Kennels are a great way to give your dog a safe, outdoor place to sleep, rest and escape from the elements.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, it is worth considering getting an enclosed dog run which will keep them safe. A run also gives them space to roam, while tie-outs are also a great way to give them freedom and yet keep them secure.

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