Maintaining a Healthy Fish Tank

Maintaining a Healthy Fish Tank

While fish-keeping is an addictive hobby; as with all pets, a healthy fish tank and caring for your fish requires commitment, a little bit of science, and regular cleaning.

Remember, if you are experiencing problems maintaining your fish tank, we are always available to help you resolve them. Please contact us for more details.

Your fish need properly balanced water to remain healthy. This means their water needs to have a stable pH and be free of the harmful toxins (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate) which their waste creates.

  • Regular cleaning and the correct filtration system will help to retain this balance
  • Clean the gravel weekly using a gravel vacuum
  • Remove algae from glass or ornaments using an algae scraper
  • Carry out a simple pH test once a week
  • Change 20% of the water in your tropical or coldwater tank, or 10% of the saltwater in your marine tank, each week
  • Only use water from your tank to wash filter sponge, never tap water
  • Never use detergent to clean your tank or ornaments
Petmania Coldwater Fish

Introducing New Fish

  • Toxin levels will change when new fish or plants are added so only add a few new fish at a time; to allow the tank’s bio load to adjust
  • Test toxin levels before and after introducing new fish
  • Always follow correct acclimatisation procedures