Choosing a Reptile as a Pet

Choosing a Reptile as a Pet

Reptiles have become increasingly popular as pets in the past number of years. When deciding on choosing a reptile as a pet; one of the first things to remember is that reptiles generally have quite long lifespans. Some species can grow to become quite large too; so you need to be prepared for the long term commitment of owning one.

It is also important to remember that because of their size; and the specialist equipment that is needed to secure their habitat, that reptiles can be an expensive past time; depending on the species that you choose.
All that said, reptile keeping is an interesting and rewarding hobby.

What Species?

In store, you can meet some of the most popular species of pet reptiles; and our Pet Care Advisors are on hand to assist you in choosing the right pet for your family.
At Petmania we can supply a wide range of reptiles; and for experienced keepers, we may be able to source particular species if required; subject to certain criteria.

Reptiles and Children

It is widely acknowledged that the most reptile species carry salmonella. There have been a number of cases of botulism diagnosed in children; where they have been exposed to yellow-bellied turtles. For this reason, particular care is required when they are being handled.

For households with children under the age of five, and those with lower immune systems, the HPSC advise against keeping reptiles, and particularly turtles.

However, with careful attention to hand-washing and vivarium cleanliness, keeping reptiles can be quite safe.

More information about the risks of infectious disease from reptiles can be found here on the HSPC website.