Choosing a Lizard as a Pet

Lizards are reptiles, which means they are cold-blooded; lay eggs and are covered with scales instead of feathers or fur. Lizards, like snakes, require ample heat and light to survive in captivity. Lizards are vertebrate animals; that similarly to humans have a backbone, skull and ribs.

Of the 3000+ different species of lizard that have been discovered, there are considerable differences in their shape, size and lifestyles.

Bearded Dragons are the most popular species to have as a pet; they are well suited to captivity and are relatively easy to care for. They are friendly and they like being handled, unlike Chameleons whom, on the other hand do not enjoy being handled; and should only be observed from a distance.

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Company for Lizards

In general, they do not need company; but it is often proven that some bearded dragons and turtles live quite successfully together. This does depend on the living situation (there must be sufficient room) and the sex of the lizards. Do not house more than one male in the same vivarium; and do not mix a male and a female during breeding season. If you require more information then please contact us.


The lifespans of lizards vary depending on the species but it can be in excess of 20 years.