Choosing a Snake as a Pet

Snakes can make a fantastic pet once they are well tamed and handled regularly; however they are not for everyone as they have many requirements for an owner to fulfill;

• You are making a long term commitment – many can be expected to live longer than 20 years
• You must be willing to feed prey animals to your snake like rodents. You will probably have to devote some freezer space for the frozen prey
• They are very good escape artists; so make sure you have an escape-proof tank, keeping in mind that they are persistent about finding and squeezing through any small gaps.

Beginners should avoid large constricting snakes, venomous snakes, and snakes with more difficult care requirements, including:
• Boa constrictors or red-tailed boas
• Burmese Pythons
• Tree boas or Pythons
• Water snakes
• Green snakes

We would recommend Corn Snakes for beginner Snake owners. Not only are they docile and enjoy being handled; but they are also extremely hardy. Therefore easy to care for. In addition, they come in a beautiful variety of colours and patterns.

Petmania Scaleless Corn Snake1

Company for a Snake

Generally it is not advised to house two or more together, as all snakes can be cannibalistic if given the opportunity. They need a lot of space; so by adding a second snake you would definitely need to expand the vivarium. In addition they may breed together or even fight. Fully research your snake breed before you make such a decision. Contact us for more details.


A Snake can live up to 20 years old; some pythons can live up to 25 years. It is important that you consider their lifespan before choosing a Snake as a pet.