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Helping You Care for Your Small Pet

Small animals make wonderful pets for adults and children alike. By comparison to dogs or cats, they need relatively less space to live in, and although the level of care needed is no less, they are great for house pets, or in some instances, small gardens.

Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs all are popular pets that can easily be cared for by children, providing a wonderful education and introduction to animal care while at the same time providing much love and friendship for the whole family.

Here at Petmania we are delighted to provide you with some information about caring for some of Ireland’s more popular pets.

If you require any further information, or are thinking about getting a pet and need help choosing the right one for your family, please drop into your local Petmania store and speak with one of our Petcare Advisors.

Small Animal Advice Centre

golden retriever dog eating out of a bowl of food

What Does the Nutritional Information on a Pet Food Label Mean?

Understanding a food label and being able to decipher what it means is a really helpful and easy way to determine if a certain brand of food is suitable for your pet. Details on a food label give you the power to understand the difference between complicated advertising jargon, and knowing what is really in the food. In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly what each section of a pet food label means and how to choose the best...

dog and pet owner sharing a kiss outside in the sunshine

5 Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Making small changes in our daily lives can help fight climate change, but what about the impact our pets have? There’s lots of ways for us humans to be more environmentally conscious, such as walking to work or eating less meat. But as a pet owner, did you know that your beloved animal companion can leave a major carbon ‘pawprint’ on the environment? Between the plastic toys and the ecological impact of their faeces, our pets are major polluters. There are,...

White and brown rabbit playing on the carpet in a house

How to House Train your Rabbit

Can my Rabbit be House Trained? Rabbits can make wonderful indoor pets but many people are unsure if they can be house trained. Well, the answer is yes, with a bit of patience, a good routine, and of course a litter box, they can be house trained! In the blog post below we’re going to show you how to get your beloved pet rabbit house trained and ready to welcome into your home. Preparing your Litter Box The first step to house...

Protect Your Pet During Cold Weather

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Cold Weather

Keeping Your Pet Safe During Cold Weather A temperatures plummet during the winter, here at Petmania we want to help you to keep your pet safe from the elements. Despite their furry exterior, just like us humans, our pets can really feel the cold so it's really important that we protect them during cold, frosty and snowy weather. Using our top-tips, you can make sure that your family pet is safe during colder weather:Move your pet (dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pigs...

Christmas Pudding Snuggle Bed for Guinea Pigs

Top 5 Pet Decorations for Your Pet’s House

Decorating for Christmas? Don’t Forget Your Pet’s House Too! This Christmas we all need a little more sparkle in our lives and our pets are no different! Why not add some festive fun to your fish tank or to your pet’s house this Christmas with a pet-safe Christmas decoration? Here are our Top 5 Favourites!ROSEWOOD Cupid & Comet Santa Sack Den & Cave is a versatile festive decoration suitable for dwarf hamsters, mice, gerbils and most Syrian hamsters! €12.99 Bring some bling...

boy in school uniform hugs dog

Return to School Spells Separation Anxiety for Pets

Soothing Products for Panicked Pets  A return to school spells separation-anxiety for pets. The family dog has enjoyed six-months of non-stop affection and uninterrupted access to their humans. As schools reopen this week and many parents return to the workplace - how can we help our pets manage the change of routine? Petmania Ireland is recommending soothing toys, chews and calming products to keep pets pre-occupied, entertained and care-free in the coming weeks while we all adjust. Giving pet owners peace of mind...

Rabbit Awareness Week 2019

May 29, 2019  RABBIT AWARENESS WEEK 2019 CAMPAIGN URGES RABBIT OWNERS TO PROTECT AND PREVENT AGAINST VIRUS & DISEASE Pet Retailer Petmania are urging rabbit owners to vaccinate their furry friendsIrish pet retailer Petmania have partnered with Burgess Pet Care to bring Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) to Ireland for the first time. It will take place between June 1–9. Petmania are urging rabbit owners to get their bunnies vaccinated against the outbreak of Myxomatosis and viruses such as Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic...

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