Protect Your Pet by Creating a Safe Den This Halloween

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Protect Your Pet by Creating a Safe Den This Halloween

Halloween is a time of fun and silliness for humans. However, people forget the impact Halloween activities have on pets. Irish pet retailer and grooming studios, Petmania are highlighting the importance of keeping pets safe. They are urging pet owners to remember that Halloween activities can scare and be of danger to their beloved pets.

The Halloween season is a time of great disruption for pets. Pet owners know the struggle of trying to calm a distressed pet during fireworks and numerous calls from trick or treaters. To manage this, Petmania advise all pet owners to create a safety den. This will to minimise and help pets through this stressful period.

Key elements to create a safety den for pets:

  • Bring your pet to a quiet room, away from the main noise source such as the front door, doorbell and fireworks.
  • Provide a covered crate, this will allow pets to relax in a dark space which should bring comfort for them.
  • Ensure they have a comfortable bed placed inside the crate.
  • Don’t forget their favourite toy or blanket.
  • Treat puzzles are fantastic for offering a distraction.
  • Karma wraps are stress relieving coats that hug dogs tight to help calm and relax them.
  • Pheromone diffusersand natural calming tools such as Pet Remedy, Adaptil or Feliway ranges which are available in Petmania.
  • Keep them company, a companion pet who isn’t as stressed or a calming human friend should stay with the pet if they are distressed.

Emily Miller, Marketing Manager with Petmania says, “Halloween is a time where we need to take extra care of our pets. A safety den is a brilliant tool to keep pets at ease. The most important advice we can give is to keep pets indoors for their safety.”

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For more information on creating a safety den and keeping pets safe this Halloween, contact a Petmania pet expert in one of Petmania’s 13 stores and grooming studio’s nationwide.

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