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ChameleonsHabitat & Handling

Where to Chameleons Like to Live?

Your Chameleon needs lots of space, so choose a large vivarium with enough foliage for climbing and for privacy. The minimum size for large chameleons is 3 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet tall. The branches themselves need to be of a range of diameters and most of the cage space should be filled with branches and/or live foliage.

Ventilation is important and make sure also that there are several basking spots among the branches, of different temperatures. Natural sunlight is important if you want your chameleon to thrive but in practice, you may have to make do with full-spectrum UV lighting especially designed for reptiles.


Chameleons are extremely anti-social and do not like human interaction. Too much handling causes significant stress and which may be fatal for your pet. Invasion of their space or being startled will cause them to become defensive and they will become aggressive and hiss at you.

Chameleons do like to climb however, and will be quite active amongst branches so provide them with lots of space to climb and hide.


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