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GeckosHabitat & Handling

Habitat for Geckos

The best vivarium for your Gecko is one which is long and shallow. Geckos must be housed in glass vivarium for their safety and to prevent them from escaping.

The items that you put in your vivarium will help to make the environment as natural as possible. Things like rocks and logs will create a natural living space as well as provide the Gecko with places to climb and exercise.  

Hiding areas consist of hide boxes, overlapping rocks, and sections of curved bark, and any other shelter that supplies your gecko with a place to sleep and conceal itself. There should be at least two hiding areas, and the more geckos you house together, the more hiding spots you will need.  

Like all reptiles, the temperature of your Gecko's habitat will need to be controlled, while specialist lighting will be needed to offer UVA and UVB, essential to maintaining your lizard's health and well-being. See our section on Light and Heat for Reptiles to find out more.


It will take your Gecko some time to get used to its new home, so patience is required before you can begin to handle them. Typically, until your Gecko is more than 6 inches long, he will not like to be handled at all.

Once he is old enough however, you can being to tame your Gecko with regular contact. All him to become accustomed to your touch by sitting on the floor, and allowing him to crawl through loose fingers and hand-over-hand for 10 to 15 minutes per day.

Note: Never grab or hold the geckos tail, as it might shorten.


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